Iphone rings once then silence

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Iphone rings once then silence

Have you noticed the iPhone X ringer volume goes from loud to low? The end result will be that iPhone X sounds loud on incoming calls all the time and the iPhone X will stop quieting the ringtone volume itself. What causes the iPhone X ringtone volume to be very low after initially sounding loud?

With this feature turned off, the iPhone X will stop lowering the ring volume of calls automatically when you pick up the iPhone and look at it. You can confirm this works by getting an incoming call on iPhone X, it should now be loud as your settings were set to beforehand and no longer quiet the call to a very low volume automatically.

Another helpful step is to make sure your iPhone ringer volume is turned up all the way to the loudest setting, since sometimes users have inadvertently made the iPhone volume low. But many new iPhone models ship with this feature disabled by default. Whether you want to adjust the ringtone volume by the volume buttons is a matter of personal preference and your individual usage. Finally the other options to make sure are not enabled is the physical hardware mute button on the side of the iPhone if you can see the little orange indicator, mute button is onand also check for Do Not Disturb not being enabled, since Do Not Disturb mode will cause an iPhone to not get incoming calls or make sounds at all.

Keep in mind that if you press the volume buttons on an iPhone when a call is actively incoming, you will mute the incoming call sound on the iPhone just temporarily for that specific individual phone call. That should cover all the bases, and your iPhone X should now ring loud for incoming calls as usual just like other iPhones do.

No more automatically quieting down after the first ring, as long a you have the facial attention awareness feature off this behavior will stop. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Enter your email address below:. Thank you! I kept missing calls despite having the volume turned up all the way. I really appreciate your help! Most of the answers blamed dust in the speaker, dog licking phone, low ringer volume, etc,but your answer fixed the problem.

Thank you so much! One hell of a big thank you. This fix works for the 11 pro max as well both for incoming calls and the alarm volume. I do not have a Face ID and passcode setting. How do I fix this thing? Thank you this thing drove me nuts increasing volume disabling vibrate option … your a life saver.

It was driving us crazy. I look forward to this ending. Thank you, Mr. Thank a bunch! I really appreciate you taking the time out to aid in our distress! Let us know please. By reading this article, you have ended a very agonizing day of wondering why my phone was doing this. Thanks for your help. Got home this evening, googled it and immediately found the answer. Thank you soooooo much for taking time out and explaining this feature!! It was very helpful. A shy iphone. Pretty annoying if you accidentally hit these buttons and turn your ringer up or down.

Thank you for your very clear answer!

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I looooove my iPhoneXs.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. It only takes a minute to sign up. So many times, I'll call someone iPhone to iPhone and the iPhone will ring once, but goes to voice mail immediately about halfway through the ring.

What are the possibilities? I'm assuming the phone is dead could be one, but I know that's not the case. Maybe they could also be on the phone? Then I'll call 10 minutes later after they text me back saying "whats up," and it rings normally. I figure they must have been on the phone? But I thought it normally gives them a choice whether to drop the current call or not, so maybe that'd take more time than half a ring?

Half a ring means that the phone received the call, but instantly declined it. In your case, as the person you called seen your call, it means that it's the do not disturb mode that caused this. If calls to your device are not ringing, it means that your cellular carrier had difficulty getting the call to your handset before the central office diverted the call to voicemail.

The voicemail happens server side, so you would contact your carrier to get into why calls are being placed but not arriving at your device in time to answer them. If the calls you place are having issues, it's either the user has a do not disturb set server side or has really quick reflexes to send the call to voicemail. No proper network sends a call to voicemail in less than 3 rings in my experience.

I could be wrong on that, but those are the things to rule out first. If its going straight to voice mail its normal off OR he's on the other line.

If it rings a couple times he's forwarding ur call. If it rings ur 4 times he's probably buzzy and if it rings like 7 or 8 times that's ify, it could mean his cells off, of possibly he's on the other line or the carrier on his side maybe could have a problem. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What does it mean if the phone does half a ring before going straight to voicemail? Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 years, 1 month ago. Viewed k times. I called 3 times, and all 3 times it rang half a ring, and went to voicemail.

User User 1, 6 6 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 37 37 bronze badges.If I answer the call it works fine and outgoing calls work but incomming calls only ring one time and never go to voicemail.

I've reset the modem and tried unpluging phones etc. Go to Solution.

How to Fix iPhone Not Ringing for Incoming Call (100% Works)

View solution in original post. It works when right into the modem with a phone. It sounds like something is interupting it, etc. No there is nothing plugged in anywhere in the house but as soon as I plug the modem into the house line to go out to the jacks the issue starts even with no phones or anything plugged in anywhere.

How to put your iPhone on vibrate, ring, or silent mode

Finally got someone from rogers to schedula a tech but that won't be until next week, if they have so many issues it takes a week just to get a tech out that's not a good sign, and I got the feeling they were trying to blame it on 3rd party equipment I guess since the lines in the house were originally Bell and want to charge extra to fix it lol not likely I'll cancel the phone or go back to bell before paying extra just to have it work like it should in the first place.

It's Julybut I thought I would add this for information. We had a nearby lightning strike which brought out Hydro and we thought nothing of it. Again we thought it was just a glitch, but Hydro can connect and disconnect lines which you do not know about and it can send a voltage spike down the line that can cause weird things to happen with electronics. Failing that I called Rogers We did the connect directly to the modem trick and the phone worked.

Connecting it to the line we got the one ring again. I didn't do anything! I called Rogers and the line was tested and I was told everything was fine at their end. I didn't cancel the Technician. My speculation is that a capacitor somewhere on one of my phones probably the one that flashed SUNDAY night kept a charge that blocked the signal to keep ringing the phones.

It took a few days to discharge. So there's my story for "only one ring". Hope it may help someone. BTW, I didn't check each phone directly from the modem to see if it rang. If I checked each phone, I might have found the phone that was causing the problem. The other option would be to disconnect all phones and then plug them in one at a time.

If it is not the phone then it might be a short in the lines or a wire that has separated in one of the jacks. Between 2 and 4. Actual arrival pm! Rogers Enroute was pretty good, but I digress. Several text messages announcing Estimated Time of Arrival. Starting working again, blah, blah, blah. Intermittent problems, blah, blah.

To make a long story short. He left about pm. Lesson learned.The OnePlus One release date was June Features and Specs include a 5. Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far!

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MacFett Android Expert. When I receive a phone call my One rings once then is silent. The call is still coming into the device as it keeps vibrating but the ring tone stops.

I am using the. I also get a music play back error for notifications sometimes. Not my phone ring tone but other sounds and then other times they play fine. Does it happen with stock files or only the one you loaded? Does it happen all the time or only when Ascending Ringtone is checked?

iphone rings once then silence

Same result without ascending. A stock ringtone was fine normal and ascending. Moved my ringtone into the system folder for ringtones and it still only rings once. Worked fine on my nexus 4. Looking for another version of this ringtone. It is in ogg so it isn't picked up by my mp3 player. TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? Does the phone have the "flip to silence" setting that silences the phone if it gets jiggled while ringing?

You could try converting it to mp3 and see if it works in mp3 format SH3V Lurker. Hi all, phone received 2day and having the same problem. Selected the digital phone as ringtone. When phone, same like topic starter. Selected thehangout video ringtone, when selecting it keeps playing. Selected this tone and phone keeps ringing. To me it sounds like it is a matter of the length of ringtone. Dunno yet what to think.Announcement: How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone.

If you get unwanted calendar invites or event notifications on your iPhone, learn what to do. How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. My Iphone 6 rings once, then goes silent although the call is still ringing??

Phone not on silent. I keep missing calls. Can anybody help? Posted on Oct 26, PM. Page content loaded. Oct 28, AM in response to bilal In response to bilal The information and troubleshooting tips in the article below should help you resolve the issue receiving calls on your iPhone 6. If you can't make or receive calls on your iPhone - Apple Support. Oct 28, AM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

iphone rings once then silence

Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: bilal bilal Question: Q: Question: Q: My Iphone6 rings once then goes silent My Iphone 6 rings once, then goes silent although the call is still ringing??

More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Oct 28, AM in response to bilal In response to bilal Howdy bilal, The information and troubleshooting tips in the article below should help you resolve the issue receiving calls on your iPhone 6. If you can't make or receive calls on your iPhone - Apple Support Cheers.

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Ask a question Reset.There are very few things that frustrate you more than when technology just doesn't work as it's supposed. A common complaint when it comes to iPhones is when it automatically switches to silent, even when you don't want it to.

iphone rings once then silence

It leads people to miss vital phone calls, not be alerted to reminders and be unaware of important text messages. Luckily, though, we're here to give you some solutions to iPhone keeps switching to silent. But, before we do that, we must remind you to try a little trick which fixes an abundance of iPhone problems — restart your iPhone. If the problem still persists, then you can try these methods.

Head into your Settings app and then select 'Sounds'. Once you're in there, you need to locate the 'Ringer and Alerts' section.

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If the 'Change with Buttons' tab is showing as green, you can turn it off, which will stop the ringer function from interfering. Bizarrely, you can even restart your iPhone by activating one of the in-built functions — Bold Text. If you go into your settings app, hit 'General', then 'Accessibility', and then turn the 'Bold text' feature on.

As soon as you slide the toggle, you'll receive a popup that states it will restart your iPhone — just tap 'Continue' and your phone will restart. Every time Apple brings out an iOS update, they fill it with a vast array of fixes for common bugs that they've received complaints about. So, you may find that just updating to the latest version of iOS will do the trick to solve iPhone keeps switching to silent. If you're not aware of the best way to update your device, click here.

If you're experiencing the problem — your iPhone still keeps switching to silent automatically after trying the above tips, then probably there is iOS issues on your iPhone and you may to resort to a specialist tool.

Here's why:. Of course you need to download and launch the software first and then you will find that to solve the issue with iMyFone iOS System Recovery couldn't be easier.

Follow the steps:. All in all, if you're unfortunately suffering with the annoying bug that keeps putting your iPhone in silent, you can try one of the above tips to resolve it. It covers a variety of different problems including Apple logo freezeblack screenand more. It's able to fully wipe the data on your device to repair the most severe iOS issues.

Product-related questions? View all the comments and join the discussion.By ahechtSeptember 29, in General Topics. I've been having a weird issue with both phones on my account. About half the time when people call, they will hear just one ring and then just silence until I eventually pick up. My phone rings normally, it's only the person calling that has the issue. However, since it occurs on both lines on my account I'm assuming it's a Sprint problem.

Yeah I had that a lot when I call out to other Sprint lines. It was like that for maybe a month or two and then went away.

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No idea what the cause was I had it most often when I would call my parents also on Sprint. They live in Florida now so I have no idea if it was something with the network on their end or my end.

iphone rings once then silence

Yes I am having the same problem here when I have a friend that is on GhetoPCS and when he calls me here at the house when I am using the Airave he hears it ring once then silent but I hear it ring my phone normally. I have WiFi calling not turned on here. Maybe it is on Sprint's side done everything I can think of to track it down and it comes up on Sprint's side.

That must seem very bizarre, just to hear nothing for awhile and then the voice just comes out of the darkness and say hello. That must seem very bizarre, just to hear nothing for a while and then the voice just come out of the darkness and say hello.

Happened to me today when I tried to call my co-worker's ATT phone. Experiencing the same since the beginning of September. Sprint wont help unless it happens 3 times in a 24hr period.

They also require you to note the number you are calling and time so it can be traced. Make sure if you have an airave that it is off or they wont even investigate and just blame that. The FCC fined some companies a while back for playing a ringing sound when the line wasn't actually ringing on the other end. Maybe it's just the network on either side erring on the side of caution. No solution, but I can independently confirm its still happening sometimes I have that happen on both my Sprint and Tmo line every so often.

iPhone Keeps Switching to Silent, How to Fix It

Never noticed a pattern that I've known about. Just chalked it up to a network glitch. I've had it where it just doesn't ring, and then someone answers. Sometimes when someone I call who has a line that does that will answer so quickly that I freak when I hit call, hear silence and then "hello? You can post now and register later.


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